Rare September Sunday Off

26 Sep

A September Sunday off to begin birthday celebrations was stupendous! Taking advantage of the precious opportunity, I was bound for the eastern side of Cayuga Lake.

Heart & Hands was my first stop for a superb tasting with Megan.  The quality is striking, a testimony to their expertise and efforts. A new release quickly became my new favorite.  Once I have a few bottles tucked away, I may divulge the selection but until then I will daydream quietly.

In Aurora, I skipped into Trader Rose Vintage. Mnetha was not behind the counter, so I made a beeline for the women’s clothing.  Within five minutes, I had tried on two great pieces and was wearing a Cheshire grin.  The cashier wrapped my purchases in tissue paper while I gave the store a final scan, determined to leave triumphantly in good time.

The afternoon stretched on as friends played music and we shared cheese, veggies and cold cans of Rohrbach’s Space Kitty.

Describing appetizers, dinner and the sky full of lake and sunset would make it sound better than most can imagine.  It was! As I talked with my friends and watched Monarch butterflies dance…


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  1. Dawn September 26, 2018 at 2:45 am #

    Sounds fun!

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