Roots of the Adventures

14 Aug

Books, dogs and the outdoors have always been central to my happiness. If all three are present, that is superb but two of the three is excellent as well. I’ve chosen to concentrate on environmental stewardship and conservation in this blog but the adventures have greater depth.

Clean water for my dog, Organic led me to learn about threats from hydrofracking. HABs (hydral algal blooms) are a more recent concern, threatening human health and our pets. I began organizing and leading beach cleanups, participating and coordinating water chestnut pulls. The Finger Lakes Institute at Hobart and Williams Smith trained me as a watercraft steward and I worked at our boat launches. I’ve learned about and supported the Cayuga Lake Watershed Network, Discover Cayuga Lake and Mission eXXpedition’s Great Lakes 2016 project.

Now, a bright and cheerful book called “Where Does Your Water Shed?” captured my attention at the Montezuma Audubon Center. Published by the National Association of Conservation Districts, I’m planning to create a video with the story read aloud while near/on or in water. I’m excited to see which partners join me in this project!

My dog’s health is always a priority to me. I wonder when there may be HABs and if/how they can be avoided. I’m immensely hopeful for water quality in our area after attending the 2020 Finger Lakes Research Conference at Hobart and William Smith Colleges in January. Though the threats are enormous and persistent, over 200 dedicated professionals came together to share research at this most impressive occasion.

I’ve begun sharing insights from my bookcase and hope to learn more from our community on keeping our pets safe.

Dogs, books and the outdoors make for great adventures (with clean water!)!

2 Responses to “Roots of the Adventures”

  1. ROSA FOX August 14, 2020 at 1:04 pm #

    Good Morning, Kristen.

    It is good to see you writing. I’m not sure if you have been taking a break, or if I just have not received you e-blasts. A couple comments – geared toward clarity. Please do not take offense – just an honest eye, with an honest heart. Mentioned for you to think about in future writings. (“

    1. William Smith College does not have an “s” at the end of William. 2. On your first entry of HABs – it would be helpful if you spell out what HABs are. Those of us who live on the water may even need a reminder. Maybe even a comment on past outbreaks and the toll on animals, in particular dogs. 3. Close the first paragraph with the first two sentences of the second paragraph. Healthy water for pets while you are enjoying nature with them is your aim. 4. Last two sentences of the second paragraph might be better summarized in a footer – as to who you are, what you have done, and why you are so passionate about it. This material interrupts the reading of your message.

    Enjoy! R


    • Kristen Moore August 15, 2020 at 1:48 pm #

      Ha, ha. Thank you, Rosa! No offense. I like to read with a copy editor’s eye too but I end up getting annoyed. The street sign on Brick Schoolhouse Rd isn’t in proper English! Yes, I haven’t had the time for my own writing. I’ve been working on achieving education in line with my own goals and Audubon’s. Have many ideas you and yours could fit into too. I’m focusing! So I can feel free like a milkweed instead of stressed. Lake breezes to you!

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