Sterling Nature Center Yoga Hike a Success!

13 Sep

It’s always a pleasure to work with Karen Haas of Bayview Wellness Center in Fair Haven, NY.

After having a stunning day of scouting Thursday, we woke to uncertain skies yesterday. Though cloudy, rain didn’t fall and the breezes were calm and mild. Karen and I were really pleased with the turnout and response. Jim Deangelo held a Monarch butterfly program as we enjoyed our excursion. As Sterling Nature Center is incredible habitat for Monarch butterflies, is fitting to imagine our donations may go help support the purchase of butterfly nets or other materials for such programs.

My only complaint about yesterday was that it ended so quickly! As Karen’s studio is currently closed, we were thrilled to gather outside and experience one of her classes.

*Publisher’s note: Digital upgrades helped this sidelined post free. I’m glad to have access to better tools! Thank you for your support!


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