Grateful Dog

16 Feb
Organic and Mitch

The passing of an incredible friend has me writing today’s blogpost. Mitch Michael, the American pit bull featured above, along with beloved chocolate lab Organic, has gone to the happy hunting grounds. Mitch’s presence has been the greatest joy for his family and friends. From the pound with a unbecoming name, to a caring home where he was treasured. Mitch Michael was a very grateful dog for the love he received and ample treats, including apple crisp with whip cream. Having this guy bound towards the door to say hello and catch treats, was unbeatable. Knowing how fortunate we are to have loving dogs in our lives has me seeking a pup to train as a therapy dog.

Reflections of a brown dog.
A ripple surrounds a brown dog as she looks into the clear, still waters.

I love the idea of sharing a great dog with participants in my events! Pet care is demanding as many of us know, but the rewards are life-changing.

A relaxed pup walks in gentle waves along Lake Ontario’s shore.

Walking with youths through the woods at work and talking about dogs is when I first realized how beneficial a therapy dog could be for people I meet. This morning when I heard a sharp bark from the neighbor dog, my heart leapt with the happy discovery of a canine visitor!

Please enjoy these photos of various Grateful Dogs from our archives. We’re grateful for our canine friends and the lovely memories we’ve made. As we look back, we would be wise to make more of these simple, invaluable experiences now.


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